Most frequent questions and answers

After turning on the FOXFINE, the indicator light will briefly turn green for 2 seconds, and at the same time, music will start playing.

When the sound machine is off, short pressing buttons won’t produce any response, and sounds cannot be played simultaneously.

If the LED on your sound machine is slowly blinking red, it means the speakers are low on power and need to be charged.

The LED indicator will glow green when the sound machine is fully charged and red when the battery is charging.

The charging cable for the sound machine is 2.62 feet long and can be plugged directly into a DC 5V USB-A port.

It takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

To use the timer function, simply press the button briefly to activate it. You’ll notice the corresponding indicator light staying on for the selected time duration. You have two fantastic options to choose from: 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Once the timer runs out, FOXFINE will shut down as usual. In case you prefer not to set a timer, it will play the currently selected sound continuously in an infinite loop.

 If you encounter this issue, it’s important to check the green indicator light to see if the child lock is enabled. When the child lock is on, pressing any other button will trigger a friendly beep to remind you to disable the child lock before using the sound machine.

Activating the child lock function on the sound machine is incredibly simple! Just locate the button with the child lock symbol, and then press and hold it until the indicator light turns on, indicating that the child lock function is now active. To deactivate the child lock function, simply press and hold the same button again until the indicator light turns off, confirming successful deactivation.

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